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Completing the circle......

Writing some of the copy for this website has really given me a time travel type feeling.  Suddenly within a few paragraphs I'm catapulted into a world that consumed me for such a long time.  A world I'd never heard of, never knew anything about, and yet, in an instant became home and the most comforting space I'd ever known. 

Now, 7 years on, it's an alien world again.  I only visit during annual trips to express thanks with the kids and having sworn 3 children is more than enough, I'm not likely to need their services again.  I dipped into their world and have now retreated into normality.  Yet I know they are as active as ever, as busy and ever and changing lives as well as saving them. 

Neo-natal Intensive Care Units (NICU)s across the UK care for those babies who are born too soon, too sick or too small.  They care for premature babies who otherwise wouldn't survive and nurture poorly babies in the hope that they will return to the loving arms of their families. 

There is so much to this world that most families have no idea about, and in someways I'm thankful for that.  Yet, despite the grief and worry, NICU units are some of the most wonderful, loving, uplifting places on earth.

Above all, they are unique.  It is no exaggeration to say that unless you have experienced time in NICU then you really cannot possibly understand what any parent is going through, let alone what to say, how to act and what to buy them. 

One of the strongest fuels behind this new website is the age old saying: "If I'd known then what I know now".  I've also been on the other side since my twins were born and had to try to find the words, cards and gifts for friends who have had premature or poorly babies, or worse still have grieved for their angel baby.  

It is really tricky.  It's so hard to know what words or sentiment will be appreciated.  It's even harder to try to imagine what might just be the one word or gift that hits the spot at the right time if you have no idea of the circumstances. 

One thing is for sure and something I am 100% confident in, is that we have hit the spot with this website.  We still have much to learn ourselves and there is still so much to develop and introduce on the site but, I really do believe that we have exactly what a preemie family need both for baby and to care for themselves and a fabulous selection of gifts that they would appreciate. 

I will always be a NICU mum.  I'm proud to be a NICU mum.  I love that I understand that world.  Proud that I am in a position to pass on that understanding to help those that are, or may in the future, need the support from someone who has been there.  

Over recent years, it has been a real joy creating and sending helpful items to preemie families.  Our specially written record journal is hugely popular and each time I write the note with each parcel, I try to send a little hope with it.  I literally can't wait to reach out to more families, with more ideas and gifts and, with every best wish, spread a little more hope. 

We look forward to developing this website for you and with you. 

Best wishes 


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