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About Us

Lovely NICU Gifts is an UK-based online store owned and managed by The Lovely Gift Group Limited offering unique gift ideas for premature babies and babies requiring special neo-natal care from birth.  We are a family led business with a focus on care, quality and creativity across all our stores featuring innovative gift ideas and thoughtful solutions.

The idea for our first online store, The Lovely Keepsake Company, was conceived after Helen Davies spent 10 weeks in NICU with her 29 week twins, and experience that triggered the idea about keepsakes.  After two years of research the business finally launched in 2015, and it is now the UK's only comprehensive online keepsake store.

Such has been the popularity of the original collection, the NICU keepsakes, Helen has been passionate for sometime about launching a brand new, bespoke store, focussed on NICU parents, preemies and their entire needs. Lovely NICU Gifts was the obvious next step and has been a joy to develop.

Launching Lovely NICU Gifts has been a personally rewarding and exciting achievement for Helen, finally, after now 7 years, being able to offer support, understanding and products for preemie families who are going through such a unique experience. 

The team has been careful to consider all areas of the NICU journey and the needs of everyone involved, including wider friends and family who as well as struggling to find gifts, also struggle to find the right words to say.  We are particularly pleased with the various innovative and thoughtful ways to thank the nursing staff, which is always something preemie families struggle to think of. 

We are excited to continue to develop our collections and support all preemie families.

We are also exceptionally proud of the charitable links we have established.  In the 12 months after the twins came home, the Davies family, with support from family and friends, raised £52,772.00 to say thank you to the staff at Hull Royal Infirmary's NICU in Yorkshire.  They were able purchase a brand new transport incubator and a cooling mat for the unit. 

Raising funds as well as awareness has remained a great passion and focus for Helen and we are delighted that we can take that influence nationally by supporting preemie families going through difficult times through the Bliss Charity.

Thank you for supporting preemie parents and the charities dedicated to them by visiting our store.