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Why Little Acorns is such a super comparison!

I love the saying 'From Little Acorns Mighty Oaks Grow' which is why I really love all our acorn themed gifts.  Today we sourced the most gorgeous engraved wooden keepsake box with this saying on and I was so excited to present it on the site for our customers.  It really got me thinking. 

Oak trees have always fascinated me.  Their trunks are broad, gnarled and rippled and are so much more interesting than the straight up and down trunks of other trees such as Birch or Pine.  Their leaves are so distinctive, the cute acorns have been used inso many children's story characters and the thought that squirrels love to collect the acorns for their winter store is just so magical. Let's face it, oak trees rock!  They're the king of trees!

To think that these magnificent trees start life as those tiny acorns is amazing.  Funny little smooth green nuts with their cute, little bobbly hats.  Falling from the branches each Autumn in the hope they'll be trodden into the earth and find suitable ground to take root and grow.  To be successful and turn into a sapling they must find rich, nourishing soil, must get enough sun and water in equal measure, avoid being eaten, crushed or collected by our kids and most of all, keep their heads up, pointing to the sky and be determined to succeed. 

Is there a finer comparable for our tiny preemies?  Their potential is massive, their determination immeasurable and their strength with all they have to go through is often beyond comprehension.  They often fight against all odds and beat those odds to eventually grow, develop and graduate out of the neo-natal ward and take their place in classrooms alongside children their own age - with no-one any the wiser as to their early battles. 

Heads high, head strong, determined to succeed.  And they do.  They continue to grow, to flourish and to make us proud.  

Our little acorns are surely as magnificent as the mighty oak and I for one am super proud of this wonderful comparison. 

Love your little acorns a little harder tonight Mama. 

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