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Your Clothes Keepsake Bunny

Your Clothes Keepsake Bunny

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  • >This keepsake will take Up to 5 weeks to create + delivery time

Our Keepsake Bunny is a lovely way to cherish those beloved items of clothing that you don’t want to part with. 

Our Keepsake Bunny is 11" in height and can be made from baby clothes and adult clothes. You can choose to have your bunny personalised with up to 45 letters. There is also the option to enhance your item even more by adding a tutu or scarf.

WARNING – This is not a toy and is not CE registered, and cannot be given to children under the age of 14 years.

We can use a range of different clothing, if you’re at all unsure just pop us a message. If your clothes are stretchy fabrics we will use non stretch lining, to ensure your bear will keep its shape. If you have special requests, or would like certain parts of clothing used please add a note to your order. If for any reason we believe we can’t do what is requested we will contact you before making. For more complex requests we may need to contact you for additional payments.

For our standard 11" bunny we require at least 5 baby clothes or 1 large adult item.

Turnaround time is between 4-6 weeks ones we have received your clothes.  If you have a special date that your keepsake is required please make a note of this with your order.


Once ordered you will receive an email of where to send your clothes.