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Pair of 100% Cotton Incubator Vests 1.8Kg - Blue

Pair of 100% Cotton Incubator Vests 1.8Kg - Blue

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Premature Baby Vests are hard to find that have the correct fastenings, as anyone who has ever had to dress a premature baby will tell you!

This two pack of premature vests are perfectly premature sized and specially designed for ease of access to wires, tubes and monitors as well as being very, very easy to get on and off baby. 

These 100% cotton vests are ideal for wearing in an incubator, usually as the first clothing a preemie would wear aside from their teeny nappy.

Openings to the front and both sides allow easy dressing and for all wires and tubes to pass easily and sit comfortably.  This is THE essential garment for a pre-term baby in an incubator. 
  • 100% cotton
  • Size 1.8kgs
  • Set of 2